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Loneliness is reduced with virtual reality —

It is so wonderful to experience how VR can bring senior citizens together.


In this wonderful project in collaboration with Herning Kommune, the elderly can put on their VR headsets directly from their own home. When they are logged in, they will meet the others in virtual reality, and they are ready to experience in VR.


Experiencing together creates conversation –


VR experiences brings both new and old memories, which the elderly can share with each other. But there are also new to explore.


Places that they have not previously experienced, but now explore together. It´s the most beautiful conversations that is unfolding when the elderly experience together.


And there are good opportunities for new friendships to flourish in an everyday life that might otherwise feel a bit lonely.


In good hands –


The experiences are guided and the lovely tour guide helps along the way.


The guide talks about the places they experience and asks follow-up questions, which initiates new conversations and ensures a great experience for everybody.




The process

  • – Brainstorm
  • – Strategy
  • – Development
  • – Test
  • – Ongoing follow-up
  • – Implementation


  • – Take Care VR platform
  • – VR Headsets

What should VR solve?

The challenge

  • – Many elderlies suffer from loneliness.
  • – They may find it difficult to get out of their house.

How has VR helped??


  • – Reduce loneliness.
  • – Create new communities.
  • – Conversation with others.
  • – Make new friendships.

Herning Kommune

“We really want to give our citizens the opportunity to have a community without having to go out the door and meet new people.”

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