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Regions and municipalities


Plan unique exposure courses with our VR platforms —

Experiencing through VR is a unique way to get really close to reality, but without being able to touch it. This is just one of the reasons why VR works well for exposure therapy.


Being able to build skills and coping strategies through VR, that can be transferred into the real world is also unique. And it all takes place in a safe environment, wherever it may be.


All the possibilities –


We have made it both possible and easy for you to work with different themes in VR: bus, shopping, dentist, darkness and much more.


You can even plan specific exposure courses on a specific theme. Each theme contains multiple videos with different situations. Thus, the degree of exposure and difficulty can be increased continuously.


All courses are made in collaboration with professionals from the Danish regions and municipalities.


Exposure courses —



We collaborate with you –


Most importantly, it is all developed in collaboration with those who actually use the solution.


Every day, our VR films and courses are used for exposure therapy in the Danish regions and municipalities. And with really good results.



The process

  • – Testing
  • – Selection
  • – Structuring
  • – Application in daily life
  • – Evaluation


  • – Take Care VR platform
  • – Or Xpandr VR platform
  • – VR headsets

Which VR solution can you choose from? —

With the VR platform Take Care, it is both quick and easy to access an entire library of VR movies and exposure courses that support many different needs.


If you want custom content and interaction, the VR platform Xpandr may be the right solution for you. And we are not exaggerating. With Xpandr, your exposure courses can be adapted to very specific needs.


You can also combine both VR solutions in your work with exposure therapy.


Take Care

  • – Big VR library.
  • – Tablet is your remote.
  • – Upload your own 360 ° videos.
  • – Multiple headsets at the same time.
  • – Follow and control the direction of view.
  • – Read more about Take Care HERE.



  • – Same features as Take Care +
  • – Cutting tool.
  • – Interaction hotspots, voice and text
  • – Insert image, sound and video clips.
  • – Share with others.
  • – Read more about Xpandr HERE.

VR exposure

“With our VR solutions for exposure therapy, the exposure can take place in safe surroundings.”

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Whatever solution you choose —

VWe plan together, an implementation process that is meaningful to both you and your citizens’ needs.


Below you can see an example of a typical implementation process, where we follow you from start to finish, and regularly holds follow-up meetings.