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School students produce their own anti-bullying simulator in VR —

Being bullied is unfortunately everyday life for many school students.


Bullying is not just about the victims, because there are also the children who bully and the crowd who watch. There are therefore many involved when bullying takes place and therefor it is extremely important to raise the issue in the classes.


Even though it is a serious topic, it can be fun for the class to work with. The VR platform Xpandr is particularly useful for handling difficult topics in a fun and educational way.


Through the eyes of the children –


Instead of telling students what they can and cannot do, we give the students the opportunity to develop a new set off skills. Then they can handle situations differently in the future and react in a different way when bullying takes place.


How it´s done –


Students collaborate to produce short films for VR, where scenes of bullying take place.


They record video with a 360 ° camera, edit them and cut their videos in Xpandr.


The new agenda –


Using VR combined with methods within storytelling and dialogue, students create common guidelines on how to prevent bullying now and going forward.



The process

  • – Brainstorming
  • – Development
  • – Test
  • – Introduction
  • – Workshops
  • – Ongoing follow-up


  • – Xpandr VR-platform
  • – VR Headsets
  • – 360° camera
  • – Tablets

What should VR solve?

The challenge

  • – Many children are bullied.
  • – Bullying is a sensitive topic to talk about.

How has VR helped?


  • – Remediate and prevent bullying.
  • – Explore the topic in a student perspective.
  • – Create dialogue and reflection on the topic.
  • – Develop common guidelines.


It gives students the opportunity to step into a virtual world where they can experience the bullying up close.

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