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Educators bridges the gap between theory and practice with VR —

The head manager of Viden om data says that Xpandr helps cover a gap that exists between theory and practice.


A discrepancy students often experience when what they experience in their apprenticeship does not match the theory they encounter in the classroom.


Why it works –


With Xpandr, students can both talk about and reflect on what they actually experience in practice, from a theoretical perspective.


By using the features in Xpandr, it is possible to take the theory and throw it directly into a realistic scenario in VR. Xpandr is also interactive, which means that students must actively make choices to progress in the different scenarios.


More educational institutions will participate –


The interest in using Xpandr is good and Viden om data has schools just waiting to get started.


And the vision is quite clear: Xpandr must be used by the teachers and become a natural part of the teaching material.



The process

  • – Introduction
  • – Development
  • – Implementation
  • – Ongoing follow-up


  • – Xpandr VR platform
  • – VR Headsets
  • – 360° camera
  • – Tablets

What should VR solve??

The challenge

  • – There are discrepancies between what students experience in their apprenticeship and what they learn about in the classroom.

HHow has VR helped?


  • – Bridging the gap between theory and practice.
  • – Creates conversation and reflection on theoretical topics.
  • – The visualizations create greater learning potential.

Where are they now?

The future

  • – More educational schools, will use Xpandr.
  • – Further development of the didactic framework.
  • – Xpandr must be an implemented part of the teaching.

Viden om data

“And we just must admit that when we bring something in visually, something just happens to our ability to learn.”

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