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Senior citizens relive otherwise forgotten memories

Since 2016, many of our senior citizens have experienced both big and small in virtual reality.


Some have been out traveling, others have been to concerts and then there are those who have relived otherwise forgotten memories.


Memories are brought to life –


Many people with dementia have felt the joy of recognition through VR experiences. They have been brought back to memories they have previously experienced in their lives.


Some dementia patients become more talkative and participatory in VR. We have even seen that those who are losing their speech ability, suddenly become able to converse and communicate more coherently.


Beyond the borders –


It is not only in Denmark where older people benefit from our unique VR experiences. Every single day, seniors throughout Scandinavia enjoys creating new memories and reliving the old ones.



What should VR solve?

The challenge —

  • – The elderly is unable to get new experiences due to physical or mental limitations.
  • – Dementia symptoms.

How has VR helped?

Results —

  • – Increased joy of life.
  • – Forgotten memories are brought back to life.
  • – Creates calmness and reduces focus from negative thoughts.
  • – It creates calm in the body.
  • – Conversation about the VR experience.

VR experiences

Elderly people come as close to reality as possible.

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