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I´s both fun and easy to plan, develop and present your very own VR courses

Take control, with Xpandr – Handle complex situations, with one simple solution.


The Xpandr VR platform is designed to handle complex processes. It can be teaching, treatment or conversation courses where the situation changes over time.


How Xpandr works

With the tablet you have access to a wealth of opportunities where you can make VR experiences that are usually static, interactive.


Use a VR video that fits your course. Choose one from the library, or upload your own. Now you can edit your video and insert interaction hotspots, text boxes and voice interaction. It’s easy and happens directly on your tablet.


You can also insert images, sound, or insert other video clips. These are all elements that motivate the user to make choices and act in different situations.


Once you have planned your course, you can share it with others. It can be with the class, the team, the group, or individuals. They can now see your VR course in their headsets.


You can also let the users plan their own VR course and then share them with each other.


Explore the many features and create unique VR courses

The possibilities are endless and different users have different needs. And over time, needs may change as well. All human conditions, that Xpandr handles extremely well.


Xpandr is an extension to the Take Care VR platform. With Xpandr, you also get access to all the features from Take Care, including access to our large VR library.