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VR 4 All

Explore a social VR universe where we experience the world together —

VR 4 All is for everyone – A unique community with great ambitions.


The VR 4 All platform is a unique community where people who want good experiences in the company of others can meet.


There can be many reasons why we cannot meet physically. We may have physical or mental difficulties that keep us from getting out. Or we can feel alone and have no one to meet. In VR 4 All, there is room for everyone, and the intention is clear: we put on the VR headset, to be part of a social context.


At least once a month, there will be events for everyone who wants to participate.


What we are going to experience is different each time. We are going to concerts, see what is hiding under the surface of the sea and we are going to see some of the most beautiful places in the world.


Events —



14.30 Alle logger ind.

14.40 Direktør Jesper Roy byder velkommen.

14.45 Oplev musik fra hele verden.

15.00 Tak for i dag.


How to attend an event —

When the event starts, put on the headset, and log in to the VR 4 All app. Now you land in VR, along with all the others who want to participate. Imagine that you arrive at a waiting room where everyone gathers and is welcomed before the event begins.




Oculus Go headset: Call: +45 73 11 57 28 or send us an email: contact@takeawalk360.com with your username before the event starts and we will give you access to the event. Write in subject field: VR4ALL Oculus Go.


Already a customer? Are you using a PICO headset? Then you are already logged in to PICO and you just need to download the VR 4 All app. Or just open the app if it´s pre-installed.


NOTE: It may be a good idea to download the VR 4 All app before the event begins, as the download time may vary, depending on your internet speed.

Past events —