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Take Care

It´s both quick and easy to access VR experiences that can be used by anyone —

Take Care is much more than a VR solution – It´s a community where we develop the content together.


The VR platform Take Care has been developed in collaboration with Danish communes. And that is just one of the reasons why it’s both quick and easy to implement and apply in a busy workplace.


It’s that easy —

Turn on your tablet and headset and within seconds you are up and running. Via your tablet you have access to an entire library of VR experiences. Discover and select the VR video you want your citizen to watch in the headset. See the tablet as your remote control. Here you can highlight objects or you can control the citizen’s direction of view if the citizen cannot turn his head himself.


In fact, you can constantly follow the direction of view and see what happens in the video, directly on your tablet.


You can even have multiple people connected to your tablet. That way, everyone experiences the same thing, at the same time.


Easy features and a lot of content —



Every month, new content is developed for the VR platform Take Care, and this is done in collaboration with those who use the platform on a daily basis. In this way, we ensure that the content is both current and can be used by many professional groups. When we share our content with each other, one’s exposure therapy may be another’s teaching content. Whether you want to share your content is entirely up to you.


No matter what industry you are in or what your needs are, we are pretty sure you will find some useful content on Take Care.


If you still think something is missing, you can upload your very own 360° videos directly onto the platform.